“After our divorce, my ex-wife disappeared with my teenage son. Two years later SD Nari tracked me down in a different state and informed me that my son’s living situation with his mother was unsafe. They were there for me each step of the way as I reunited with my son and established a home in San Diego. Simultaneously they worked with the county to provide my ex-wife the care that she needed. My son is now a happy, healthy, young man. I am so grateful to SD Nari for their unwavering support.”

“My husband was a wonderful man but as the years went by, he got more and more mentally and emotionally abusive. After 2 decades of silently hoping that things would get better, I decided that I could not bear it any longer. I called SD Nari for assistance. Their unconditional support and guidance gave me the courage to have a difficult conversation with my husband about the state of our relationship. Our discussion was a wakeup call for him. I wish I had spoken up years ago. We decided that our marriage was worth fighting for and are gradually rebuilding our relationship. Thank you, SD Nari, for giving me strength to stand up for myself during one of the most difficult phases of my life.”

I am a widowed senior who lives alone and has many health problems. Unfortunately, my adult children and extended family do not live locally. Although Social Security paid for home help, the help was unreliable. In addition, I could not use the Life Alert system because the police took it away. Since I am unable to drive, I had to rely on my friends who were getting tired of my continuous needs.

One of my friends contacted SD Nari on my behalf. They got involved right away.They contacted my social worker and were able to get back my Life Alert service. SD Nari helped me find an adult day care centre and arranged for regular visits from member volunteers to keep me from feeling lonely. I am extremely grateful for the help that I received from SD Nari at this vulnerable stage of my life.

As a young child, I used to see my father drink heavily and beat my mother. I decided that I would never marry. When I went to college, a young man who lived across the street from me kept asking me to marry him. I was reluctant because of what I saw growing up, but the young man convinced me that not all men were like my father and that he would never hurt me or leave me.

We got married and I started working as my husband’s income was not enough to support us. I got a job in IT.  My husband kept asking me for money and threatened to leave me if I did not give it to him. When my oldest child was 5, my husband threatened to commit suicide unless I gave him money to go to the US, so I borrowed money from my friends and colleagues. He promised to send for us to come and live with him there soon. But after 6 months, he filed for divorce. He said that if I did not agree to the divorce, he would come to India and remove our child from school and take him away to the US. I eventually came to the US through my employment. By then, my husband was living with another woman, even though he was still legally married to me. Even though I was working, without any family support I became very depressed. At this point, I contacted SD Nari.

SD Nari stood by me through the divorce process. With their help, I was able to start fresh. Thanks to them, I was able to furnish my house from scratch. They also helped  me navigate the path to US citizenship. I am very grateful for SD Nari’s unconditional support.

I am a survivor of an abusive marriage who came to the USA with my 6 year old son in 2007 leaving behind a good job and well settled life. My then-husband was trying to kill me in order to obtain my parental property.

When I arrived, I didn’t drive so I had to walk six miles everyday to drop my child to school. I volunteered in the Gurudwara where they helped me by providing me with groceries. I was able to pick up free furniture thanks to the generosity of the community. My sister helped me with a  phone and laptop.

Upon arrival, I petitioned for asylum in the US. It was an endless wait. I was getting stressed. Finally, my asylum was approved!! However my long journey to find a job had just begun. It felt like finding a needle in a haystack. I left no stone unturned, knocked at every door but nothing was working out.

It was then that my sister introduced me to SD Nari. The entire SD Nari was instrumental in helping me find a job. It has been a painful L-O-N-G struggle but today, by God’s blessings and the support of SD Nari I am finally independent again. Kudos to SD Nari! I will forever be indebted to them and wish them all the best in their ventures ahead. Humbly supporting their cause, I would like to pay it forward by helping other people through SD Nari.