About Us

SD Nari is a non-profit organization operating since 1995.

Our mission is to be a resource and referral for South Asian Women in San Diego with a focus on those of Indian Origin. What exactly does this mean? While we live in the beautiful paradise called San Diego, the general public is unaware that we too have victims of Domestic Abuse right within our community!

At SD Nari, we have formed a team of like-minded, strong volunteers who have a passion towards empowering our clients  to reclaim their strength and recognize their abilities.

Our organization has three primary areas of operation – The Domestic Violence Committee, the Senior Committee and the Youth Committee. The work of all the committees is overseen by our Board Members.

Men & women in distress come to us and we assist them in times of crisis. We also assist with legal referrals, financial help, vocational help and most importantly counseling towards regaining their confidence. We also help families when they have personal emergencies – for example the passing of a loved one, mental health issues etc.

Our role at SD Nari is to carefully review all cases that come to us and only after due diligence do we commence our work. Our role involves being objective while being compassionate at the same time. Our volunteers go through rigorous training and have obtained certifications to equip them with the skills they need.

As we all know, we cannot do this work alone. As an organization, we do need assistance from various sources, agencies, sponsors and of course – volunteers who give their time and effort. We are always looking for volunteers from both the legal and mental health fields to be able to offer pro-bono service to our survivors.

Click here if you would like to be a volunteer.