Swedish Death Cleaning

Death Cleaning is a Practical Swedish Concept. After hitting 50, we should all do a Death Cleaning.

This is the methodical cleaning and clearing out of all the things, material, mental and digital, that we have accumulated over the years of our active past. Firstly, we need to get rid of all the clothes, accessories, artifacts, momentos, collectibles, gifts, memorabilia and other sundry items, all of which we no longer need.

After our death why burden others about clearing out our things?

It is better that while we are still able bodied and healthy, to methodically and systematically give away our things to deserving people, who are happy to receive and use them.

  1. Be firm and focused when clearing out stuff.
  2. Do it in an organized manner, on a time schedule based on your own necessities.
  3. Don’t get emotional and sentimental. Be practical.
  4. Start by doing a little bit of ‘Death Cleaning’ every week, every month, every year.
  5. Stop buying too many new things & things you don’t need just because you have money.
  6. start deleting unnecessary digital documents.

Just hold on to your money as long as you are alive and write your Will & Trust.

  1. Treasure your memories for they are carried with us as we move on through different lifetimes.
  2. If we have hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly, let’s apologize, seek forgiveness and clear our conscience.
  3. Let’s express our gratitude to all who have helped us.
  4. Let’s not hold on to grudges so that when we go, we go peacefully, without any karmic baggage.

Carry only a good mind and good memories!