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We reached out to this community of compassionate people to come together to show appreciation for the medical heroes at the Scripps Encinitas ICU. We are excited to share that with part of the donation money received so far we already provided a pizza lunch for them. Next, we would like to treat more of these heroes working on the frontlines at Scripps and other hospitals to catered lunches so please help us meet this goal by sending your contribution to paypal link below this message.
Thank you for your continued support and please be safe!

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SDNari’s mission is to encourage and support Asian – Indian women and seniors in their personal, professional and social lives.

All committee members work in a voluntary capacity.



● Forum to address issues facing SE Asians and offer solutions

● Break cyclic patterns by educating our community on the signs of domestic violence, various illnesses , personal emergencies and resources

● Create camaraderie and a spirit of sisterhood

● Elevate self-esteem, offer unconditional support and create positive self- image in women

● Enrich women’s personal health and well-being

● Be the listening ear for Seniors and single moms



● Members are encouraged to write to our blog


Future project

● To provide seniors with a young buddy

To Join SD Nari, email us sdnariyan@gmail.com


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