SDNari Youth Committee:

 Mission Statement:

The SD Nari Youth Committee is an organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and engaging young women. Our committee also focuses on identifying youth working on projects that help women and giving them scholarships. 

Past Events: 

·       Two round table discussions on the topics relevant to high school girls such as dealing with stress, peer pressure, etc. 

·       Multiple team building events – We volunteered at Feeding San Diego on February 22 and we completed a Sandwich Seva on March 7 where together we made 250 sandwiches for the homeless. 


Current Event: Currently we are working on our scholarship project. We plan to financially aid a high schooler who is working on a project that helps women. 

Future Events: Unfortunately, due COVID-19, we are unable to meet, therefore, our committee has set up virtual gatherings through Zoom where we are inviting high schoolers to have a discussion about the current circumstances. 

Lastly, if you know of any female high schoolers that would be interested in our committee please contact any of our SD Nari Youth committee members for more details.






Sneha Jaiswal is a sophomore at Westview High School she loves dancing and has been doing it for 12 years. She has also been a team captain for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life since 8th grade. Her passion for the organization drove her to start a chapter at her school where she is president of the club. She also loves speech and debate and has won many tournaments for it. Sneha also enjoys volunteering and serving her community. She loves to code and hopes to make this passion her career. She is excited to be a part of the SD Nari Youth Comittee and to put her skills to use here!

Trisha Yanduru is a sophomore attending Canyon Crest Academy. Outside of school she enjoys dancing, playing the piano, and spending time with friends and family. She has learned many different forms of dance such as ballet, modern, hip hop, classical indian dance, and bollywood. She is a part of an indian dance club at her school in which she introduces the various styles of indian dance to her peers. Trisha has been playing the piano and learning music theory for the past eight years. She passed multiple levels of CM testing for piano as well. As the president of SD Nari Youth Committee, she hopes to aid young women through community service.

Sanchitha Tippur is a freshman at San Marcos High school. She has a passion for writing; She is on the JV field hockey team and has played basketball for the last 5 years. Sanchitha has a major dedication to dancing, as it is her stress reliever and something she’s passionate towards. She enjoys spending time with her friends and bringing her whole family together for every holiday. Sanchitha loves spending time with people and bonding over similar things. She also loves looking at life in different perspectives and broadening her own point of view in the process.

Anusri Thokachichu is a sophomore at Del Norte High school. In her school band she plays the clarinet during marching season and the bassoon during concert season. When you don’t find her doing school work, you will always see her listening to music, one of her favorite pastimes. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching movies, and binging tv shows. As the secretary in the SD Nari committee she is hoping to keep everyone informed of all the upcoming events and give back to the community by helping the south Asian women in need.

Suravi Hingorani is a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy. While challenging herself with AP classes and honors courses in terms of academics, she also does many extracurriculars. She is Vice President of her Girl Scout group, a part of All Girls Stem Society, and participates in both Science Olympiad and Future problem solving. She has a passion for dancing as she has been doing an indian classical dance, Odissi, for more than 10 years and is also a part of an indian dance club at her school (SACS). Aside from her hobbies such as dance and Girl Scouts, Suravi really likes giving back to her community, as she is a part of Key Club, a non profit organization at her school which holds events ranging from simple bake sales to attending and serving patients at the Rady’s Children’s hospital. As a secretary in SD Nari, she hopes to continue putting in her best efforts to spread the organization and to aid young women through her passion for community service!

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