History & Goals


  • This group was originally formed under the name SAWI.
  • SAWI was formally inaugurated on March 8 1997, by then Indian ambassador Shyamala Cowsik in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.  The event was attended by 115 members.
  • The group’s founder and first President was the late Dr Manju Goel.
  • Founding committee members were: Dr. Divya Kakaiya, Dr. Huma Ahmed Ghosh, Neelu Bhardwaj, Anasuya Pyne, Rajshree Mudaliar, and Dr. Meera Kumar

Past Presidents:

  • Dr Manju Goel ( Late)
  • Rajshree Mudaliar
  • Sneh Bansal
  • Devi Mannath
  • Uma Laxman
  • Dr Divya Kakaiya

The group’s name was changed to SD Nari in 2008 when Uma Laxman was the President.
Active Treasures and secretary  were Raj Parimoo, Raj Pathria, Francoise Shah.
Active Supporters were Sarita Mittal, Susheela Narayana, Ragini Sai,  Dr Swadesh Mallick, Simarjeet Sahota, SAHARA, Dr. Meera Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Manju Sikri, Dr Parmela Sawhney, Janaki Ravintula, Sekhar Ravintula, Rohini Mandayam, Vani Chawla, Dr Asha Kamnani, Sheela Patel, Padmini Kudromurthy, and Anu Nedumpally

SDNARI could not function without the support, active participation and endorsement of all of our members.


Goals and objectives

  • Forum to address issues facing SE Asians and offer solutions
  • Break cyclic patterns  by educating our community on the signs of domestic violence, various illnesses , personal emergencies and resources
  • Build stable and independent lives via mentoring  and directing to utilize available resources.
  •  Create camaraderie and a spirit of sisterhood
  • Elevate self-esteem , offer unconditional support and create positive self- image in women.