SDNari Shakti (Domestic Violence support Committee)

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SDNari Shakti
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Safe Secure Strength

Sarita Jain, a San Diego native since 2000, has been actively involved in the Indian community s. She was born in India, and holds a Masters Degree in Sanskrit. She volunteers at the Jain Society, where she has served on the executive committee for the last many years. Sarita helped organize the Festival of Lights as the coordinator for the UP State. She has a special love for children and as a pre-school assistant teacher, she loves to teach and interact with them at the earliest stages. Passionate about all things active, loves hiking and yoga, and can be found taking her friends to Zumba classes. She loves reading, and traveling with family. She is excited to join SD Nari and for the opportunity to make a difference in the San Diego community.

My name is Neelam Gupta. I am the mother of two children, a tenth grader and a soon to be college graduate, which I have raised as the wife of UCSD’s director of data science. I have been immensely involved in organizing the Festival of Lights for multiple years now on multiple scales, such as a more general festival scale to dance coordination for Uttar Pradesh. I also avidly enjoy playing tennis as a hobby. My passion and goal is to give back  to the community.

Dr. Sandhya Ramanujam (B.D.S, D.D.S, P.G.D.M.L.E, M.A Psychology (Counselling Psychology) and Certified Hypnotherapist) is a Behaviourial Sciences Trainer who works very closely with people and truly believes that the best way to bring about change is from within. With her medical background as the basis of her understanding of the Human Mind and Body, she works with people and creates a safe environment for self exploration and growth.

Renu Sethi, married, 3 kids, two grandchildren. BA in accounting, been in USA since 1981. Served on Board of Hindu Temple of Fresno 2011-2013. Volunteer at annual SRF convocation since 2008. Prepares Garlands at Encinitas SRF Temple since 2012. Loves Gardening, cooking, meditating, traveling, yoga and is passionate about women’s welfare

 Manju Sikri is a certified yoga teacher combining Yoga Therapy. Studied Ayurveda with Dr.Vasant Lad in Albuquerque. She is also a Reiki Master, Holistic Healer and combines Art Therapy. Emphasizes Indian scientific approach to ayurvedic food, wellbeing and Lifestyle. Has given lectures on nutrition. She is also a Sadguru volunteer and wants to support the community.